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In the art of decoration we enjoy challenge and do not accept limitations. We manufacture frames for mirrors, photographs, paintings, graphic art, tapestries, souvenirs and three dimensional objects. Our standard offer includes also encasement of clothes, castings, bas relief, insects or china. Every day we await our customers to astonish us with their needs.

Framing consists of numerous elements. A frame is not merely four wooden laths, colored paper and a piece of glass. Tradition and experience enable us to create daring and extraordinary objects.

Our offer

We offer not only a wide range of frames, but also a plethora of all possible additions to the frames. Our excellent skills, experience, innovatory techniques applied in our workshop and good knowledge of the newest trends enable us to create even the most difficult and unusual encasements.

A mirror is an inconspicuous element of the interior, but when it is properly framed, it becomes outstanding – this is why the choice of a frame is particularly important.


It is an unusual and spatial form of framing with exquisitely finished detail.

two glass panes

More than 400 unique designs of imported wooden frame moldings.

imported frame moldings

Tradition in the trade combined with perfection at gilding.

hand-made traditional frames

Outstanding skills in the trade combined with modern design.

hand-made modern frames

Oval frames and tondos are hand-made from scratch, always to individual order.


We offer a wide range of protective glass, including the original, patented Museum Glass®.


The background that emphasizes the details of the framed work.


Unusual objects that require framing deserve an interesting form of presentation.


After some time everything needs to be conserved. We execute professional renovation of both frames and their contents.

renovation, conservation

A TV set is present in almost every household: a window on the world that can also become an element of the interior design.

tv sets

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Contact us and we shall work out an individual offer for you. We prefer personal contact, but we shall not leave any question unanswered. If you send a photo of the object, its dimensions and your requirements to the address, we will reply soon.